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About Abbie

Abbie Green is a community health promotion professional in the Greater Boston Area.  She graduated from Boston University School of Public Health in January 2008 with her Master's in Public Health, concentrating in Social & Behavioral Sciences.  Abbie enjoys all aspects of making health promotion programs successful – from the needs assessment and intervention design, to the grant writing and program development, to the daily coordination and management, through to the continuous evaluation for improvement.  She strives to incorporate theory with best practices in order to build stronger programs.  Abbie approaches public health problems with two primary strategies: 1) making environmental changes in the community to improve access and availability, and 2) launching social marketing campaigns to address the core values of the target population.  Her diverse background allows her to integrate quantitative with qualitative research and evaluation methods, which improves overall organization and thoroughness.  Abbie’s dynamic leadership balances efficiency and practicality with insight and awareness, while remaining positive and adaptable.  She has a propensity for being able see the forest as well as the trees, by keeping big picture strategy in mind while also maintaining acute awareness of the details that make the program distinctive.  Abbie’s ease of teaching, along with her strong technical writing skills, enable her to engage with neighborhood members, community partners, and the local government in order to stimulate communication and collaboration around finding innovative solutions.  Her advocacy stretches from individual health behavior changes to public policy development.

Abbie’s diverse work experience shapes her approach as an effective leader with a unique understanding of the people and populations she serves.  She founded and is currently the Executive Director of Cambridge Community Gymnastics, a non-profit community adult gymnastics program with the mission of making physical activity fun and accessible for everyone.  In May 2011, Abbie was hired as the Director of Board Programs at the Blackstone Community Center under a nine-month grant.  In 2010, she held a Communications Fellowship position at the Executive Office of Health & Human Services for the Commonwealth of MA, and was contracted by MetaMovements Dance to manage their grants and Move4Health program.  While in grad school, she developed a pivotal social marketing campaign for Supporting an Alcohol-Ad Free Environment in MA (SAFE-MA), and coordinated a program evaluation for Our Bodies Ourselves.  Before changing careers into public health, Abbie earned her bachelor’s degree in 2000 from The Ohio State University in Engineering Physics, and subsequently worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory as Assistant Technical Staff for four years.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the NAIGC, and has been volunteering at Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival nearly annually since 1986.  Abbie is a member of both the MPHA and APHA, is an accomplished gymnast of more than 35 years, and resides in Cambridge, MA.

Abbie B. Green, MPH
Community Health Promotion Professional

31 Lee Street Apartment #3
Cambridge, MA 02139


"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

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