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Consulting Services

Hire Abbie to help you with your next community health promotion program.  Consulting services are available for a range of program phases, as well as numerous specialty areas.  Rates range from $50 - $70 per hour, but vary based on type of project and sector (i.e. non-profit, government, for-profit).

Program phases:

  • Conducting a needs assessment on a neighborhood or community
  • Developing a program from scratch
  • Writing a grant proposal
  • Coordinating an existing program
  • Evaluating a program in progress

Specialty areas: 

  • Physical Activity:  Promoting those activities which can be participated in over the life-span (i.e. walking, running, biking, swimming, and dancing), as well as those which present unique movement challenges (i.e. gymnastics, parkour, circus, and obstacle courses), while focusing on fun and community
  • Nutrition:  Promoting a well-balanced diet of everything in moderation without counting calories or restrictions, through increasing consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and water, and decreasing consumption of processed foods such as high fructose corn syrup and trans fats
  • Body Image: Promoting a healthy body image by focusing on body function rather than body shape
  • Environmentalism:  Promoting composting, recycling, and decreased energy consumption
  • Food Justice: Advocating for food system reform, especially around sustainable farming, ethically-sourced food (i.e. organic, non-GMO, local, and fair trade), and food waste reduction
  • Drug Prevention:  Smoking cessation, reducing smoking initiation, and reducing underage and binge drinking

Abbie B. Green, MPH
Community Health Promotion Professional

31 Lee Street Apartment #3
Cambridge, MA 02139


"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

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