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Abbie keeps herself busy with numerous different projects, in many different areas.  Here are some of the highlights:

Cambridge Community Gymnastics  
(March 2009 - Present)
 As the Founder and Executive Director of Cambridge Community Gymnastics (CCG), a non-profit community gymnastics program for people ages 11 - 111, Abbie manages all aspects of running this AAU Level 3 Club.  Filling in the gaps that most other gyms miss, CCG strives to break the stigma that gymnastics is only for little girls, and instead promote gymnastics as a fun way for people of all ages and abilities to get physical activity.  As Abbie's primary project since April 2011, she developed this program to be the premier adult gymnastics program in the Greater Boston Area, offering structured Classes, Open Gym workouts, and Private Lessons.  CCG specializes in adult beginner gymnastics, encouraging participants of all level and abilities, including the only Special Needs Gymnastics Program in the metro area, where her athletes compete in the Special Olympics Summer Games every June.  CCG also features an adult gymnastics competitive Rec Team, that competes in the league of college gymnastics clubs, the National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs (NAIGC) - where Abbie has also served on the Board of Directors since July 2011.  In addition to running CCG, Abbie has also been the Head Coach for the Cambridge Rindge & Latin School (CRLS) Varsity Gymnastics Team since December 2012, and enforces a no-cut policy for any CRLS student wishing to join the team.  CCG then gives extra support to the CRLS Team by subsidizing the cost of practices for the team members in the off-season, so that the high school athletes can have access to affordable gymnastics year-round.

MetaMovements' Move4Health  (March 2010 - September 2011):  MetaMovements (MM) is a latin dance company in the Boston area, that seeks to help individuals, as well as the community, experience a metamorphosis to improve fitness and movement.  To this goal, MM sought out Abbie to lead a special project called Move4Health, which was supported by the City of Cambridge’s Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program (MSYEP) grant.  MSYEP provides the opportunity for Cambridge teens to have a summer job working on a community health promotion program, where they also gain valuable work skills.  Move4Health employed eight Cambridge teens between the ages of 14 - 18 years old, on three different teams: Salsa Performance Team, Nutrition Team, and Environmental Team.  The high school students developed presentations and materials to educate the community about their teams' topic area.  They went to numerous community events, including MetaMovements’ own weekly Salsa In The Park event (supported by the Boston R.O.C.K.S.!!! grant) at the Blackstone Community Center in the South End every Monday night during the summer.

"What is Boston waiting for?"  (September - December 2008):  The Supporting an Alcohol-Ad Free Environment in Massachusetts (SAFE-MA) initiative [formerly known as Massachusetts Banding Together Against Alcohol-Advertising (MBTAA)] hired Abbie to develop a social marketing campaign to promote the group's objective of removing alcohol advertising from public transit in Boston, MA.  "What is Boston waiting for?" (click on About, and See More) consisted of a series of six advertisement posters to target different populations, a press release announcing the launch of the new ad campaign, and redesigning their website (although it is currently without any web-hosting).

Recess Walking Program  (September - December 2007):  This was a program Abbie developed for her culminating project in graduate school as an "Intervention Strategy for Overweight and Obesity as affected by Physical Activity in Early Adolescents living in Cambridge, MA".  The program focused on instituting a structured recess activity for middle school students to go out for a 20-minute walk, three times per week, during their recess period before lunch. Although the project was never implemented, it provided valuable experience in both program development and grant writing.  You can peruse the full program description in the Recess Walking Program PDF.

"Get A Grip on Rips" Rip Kits  (2005 - Present):  Out of concern for the physical health of her athlete's hands after swinging bars, Abbie decided to put together a "rip kit" that the gymnasts could keep with them in their gym bags.  Abbie wrote up an info sheet about how to maintain healthy palms, how to nurse them back to health after you get a "rip", all to go along with an actual kit of high quality, all natural supplies.  Abbie started selling the kits to gyms for resale to their athletes.  Here is a PDF of the Rip Kit info sheet.  Please contact her if you are interested in stocking some at your gym!

ChocoSlut.com  (2004 - Present):  What started as a casual conversation between two chocolate-loving friends, turned into a brand all on its own.  A story was written, a logo designed, a website developed, and an internet store was opened to sell ChocoSlut merchandise.  The ChocoSlut.com website is currently down for maintenance, but you can get the full scoop at the ChocoSlut CafePress.com store.

Abbie B. Green, MPH
Community Health Promotion Professional

31 Lee Street Apartment #3
Cambridge, MA 02139


"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

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