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Here's what Abbie's colleagues have to say about her:

While traveling and teaching workshops over the world, it is a rare case I run into good instruction. I mean an organized, progressive, planned method to the madness. One that will enable people to see results on a regular basis and move onward with their development.  
A good example of such a class is Abbie's Beginner Gymnastics classes at Cambridge Community Gymnastics. If you are interested in learning gymnastics in a safe, progressive way, I suggest you give Abbie's classes a try. Enjoy it."

Ido Portal, Movement Artist Specialist

“Abbie consistently and reliably puts her heart and soul into organizing, managing, supervising, and, last but not least, coaching the gymnastics program. She is very effective, and also is liked and respected by all.”

~ Alex Klein, CTO, FPG Partners

“I have taken both group and private gymnastics lessons with Abbie, and also have observed her teaching other classes in the gym. She is an excellent teacher and coach, capable of reaching everyone from total beginners to quite advanced gymnasts. Whether it's introducing the most basic skills or helping someone with a very advanced skill, she excels at it. Abbie also single-handedly coordinates and administrates the entire program, and does an outstanding job at this as well. And moreover, she has actively created and fostered friendships and a sense of community among the participants though frequent social events that she organizes. Her teaching, organization, and community-building skills would be an invaluable asset for any organization.” 

~ Vince Costanzo, Mechanical Engineering PhD Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Abbie's enthusiasm, intelligence and motivation make her an exceptional worker. She is eager to learn and she is excellent with the public. Her work directly with me was in a high-stress, chaotic festival atmosphere where she remained on top of her responsibilities with a positive attitude and a professional manner. Abbie will excel in any number of situations because of the content of her character and her high-quality background experiences.”

~ Linda Richards, Former Education Director, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.

"Abbie is an outstanding environmental educator. We've worked together many years at the annual Clearwater Discovery Tent and Abbie is consistently awesome. She is both rock-solid responsible as well as a fun communicator and teacher."

~ Chris Bowser, Science Education Specialist at New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

“Abbie worked for me at MetaView for 18 months. She was a tremendous help providing initiative, insight and energy to all that she undertook. I found that Abbie was able to not only complete key marketing, administrative and organizational projects, but she very respectfully and effectively engaged key stakeholders which enhanced the reputation of my business.”

~ Steve Frigand, Principal, MetaView Consulting & Coaching

Abbie B. Green, MPH
Community Health Promotion Professional

31 Lee Street Apartment #3
Cambridge, MA 02139


"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

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